Uri Buri

by Daniela Engelberg | 18.12.17

Uri Buri was brought up in a full and lively house in the northernmost coastal city of Israel, Nahariya. His mix of creativity and autodidactic life experience has taught him how to make food with amusement and passion, acquiring industry recognition and most importantly, as he says, gaining friends along the way.

Since a very young age, Uri understood that school was not his natural habitat and his nature was similar to that of an explorer. As a result, he spent a lot of time at the beach, exposing himself to the world of diving and undersea fishing, bringing home a vast amount of fish and developing great knowledge of cooking.

At the age of 16, Uri travelled all over Europe, hitchhiking and taking short-term jobs with high incomes. He managed to buy a Volkswagen van and turn it into his home. “During my van journeys around the world, I started cooking for myself. The travelers heard that somebody was cooking in a blue Volkswagen and were happy to join the meal,” Uri shares with us.

With his return to Israel, Uri began cooking for his friends and relatives, developing his own cooking style with basic raw materials – nevertheless, it was the hottest thing on the radio all over Europe and at home.

In 1988, Uri founded his own restaurant (among other things such as the heavenly Efendi Hotel) called “Uri Buri”. The restaurant is located in a historic and modest Ottoman building, alongside the serene beach line in the old city of Akko.

Cooking for friends is Uri’s renowned and favorite style. Whoever comes into the restaurant, goes out as a friend. Uri Buri is all about basic dishes, flat aesthetics and no unnecessary decorations. Waiters are nice and the joint tasting meal is highly recommended.

“A dish that is not to the client’s liking is replaced with no need for explanation. It is easier to throw away a dish than to lose a dinning friend,” says Uri.

Efendi Hotel

Efendi Hotel | @buri_uri

Photos by Sivan Askayo, Asaf Pinchuk


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