Magpie Goose by Hila Herman

by Daniela Engelberg | 20.11.18

Magpie Goose is a waterbird species with an eagle-like beak, partially webbed feet and a long thin neck. It looks like the combination of a goose, a swan and an eagle.

Magpie Goose is also Hila Herman’s distinctive fashion brand; and just like the bird, the thought process behind her collections is a constant fusion of ideas, situations and states of being. It deals with structure and movement, standing out and blending in, the emotional and the rational, femininity and masculinity.

“A new collection is always a reflection of where I am and what interests me. A collection is always made for me, and whomever can relate to what I feel”, says Hila Herman.

For the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection “Inside Out” is about clothes that give a cozy look and feel, yet at the same time, ensemble a flawless and elegant presence. Bold and sophisticated, Hila’s designs reveal the ultimate turtleneck shirts, oversized coats, midi-skirts, and strong geometric cuts in a black and beige color pallet.

You can visit Magpie Goose’s shop on Retzif Haaliya Hashniya 3, Jaffa Port [open Sunday-Thursday 11-18, Friday 10-16, and occasionally open on Saturdays],
or shop the collection on her e-shop.

| Facebook | Instagram | 052.481.6661

Photos by Merav Ben Loulou


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