Nadav Caspi

by Daniela Engelberg | 28.01.19

Throughout the years, furniture design has grown to be more than just functional – it has been converted into a kind of art.

It’s a form of art that needs to “interface with the human body,” Nadav Caspi, an industrial designer who specializes in the production of fine furniture, explains. Caspi likes to create functional pieces, yet he believes the final design should stand out as a sculpture itself. With a totally different attitude towards design, he creates furniture that is able to transform spaces.

Caspi converts his unique ideas into fine and practical creations, from a curved and elegant metal kitchen scale to a juggling wooden shelf with modular book holders. He integrates computerized processing alongside classical carpentry, a forward-thinking style that personifies his innovative roots.

During his studies as an industrial designer, Caspi became fascinated with the idea of making something that people will take into their homes and make part of their everyday lives. His first piece of furniture was a chair. “It’s an object that serves a simple function: to sit. Yet, it is very complex,” he says. This was a turning point that encouraged him to pursue furniture design as a career.

Caspi is now working on new projects combining textiles and wood that focus on both functionality and aesthetics. He applies deep technical knowledge as he integrates his experience as an industrial designer alongside the traditional manual work of making furniture. Caspi mainly uses wood, iron and concrete, believing the combination of the three can create a perfect contrast when used in the right way.


Photos by Aya Wind


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